Monday, October 4, 2010

More briefs

The Commonwealth of Virginia has filed its reply brief. In addition, the District Court has docketed amicus briefs from a group of constitutional law professors (including Jack Balkin), the American Civil Rights Union, Americans for Free Choice in Medicine, and the Physician Hospitals of America. We will have all those filings up on the wiki site (and over in the column to the right) in short order.

We still await the United States's reply brief and, most likely, more amicus filings.

UPDATE: Now available:

* Virginia reply brief here.

* The Balkin et al. brief here.

* The American Civil Rights Union brief here.

* The Americans for Free Choice in Medicine brief here.

* The Physician Hospitals of America brief here.

UPDATE 2: The proposed amicus brief of the Landmark Legal Foundation is now up on the wiki and available (as with all the other filings) in the column to the right on this page.