Friday, April 15, 2011

Conference at the Court

At this moment, the justices are now in conference, considering the various petitions for certiorari scheduled for today's deliberations. And one of those petitions, of course, is Virginia's petition for certiorari before judgement in Virginia v. Sebelius.

As discussed before, it is exceedingly unlikely that any information about the Court's decision will be released  today, especially since neither side has sought an expedited consideration of the petition. And it is also possible that the Court does not actually reach a decision on the petition today--that it defers its judgement and "re-lists" Virginia v. Sebelius for a subsequent conference.

Instead, we will probably learn something Monday morning at 10:00 EDT, when the Court releases its order list. That order list will reveal whether the Court has granted the petition, denied the petition, or that the justices need more time before announcing their decision.