Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sixth Circuit schedules oral argument in Thomas More Law Center v. Obama

Apparently it is a big day for scheduling oral arguments in the United States Courts of Appeals.

In addition to the Eleventh Circuit's order (described below), the Sixth Circuit today issued its notice of oral argument in Thomas More Law Center v. Obama. It will take place Wednesday, June 1, at 1:30 p.m. at the Potter Stewart Courthouse in Cincinnati, Ohio, before a three-judge panel. Per its regular practice, the court will release the identity of  of the three judges drawn for the panel two weeks before the argument (that is, May 18) on its web site (

Thus, here is the current schedule for oral arguments in the courts of appeals:

May 10: Virginia v. Sebelius and Liberty University v. Geithner at the Fourth Circuit (Richmond).

June 1: Thomas More Law Center v. Obama at the Sixth Circuit (Cincinnati).

June 8: Florida v. HHS at the Eleventh Circuit (Atlanta).

Yet to be scheduled: Seven-Sky v. Holder (CADC), Baldwin v. Sebelius (CA9), and N.J. Physicians v. President (CA3).

You can access the Sixth Circuit's notice here.