Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Talk that talk to me

That is about all that any of us can do at this point, with just over 21 hours to go:

* Randy Barnett offers his thanks here to everyone who has been along for the ride.

* Tom Goldstein offers his prediction here.

* Lyle Denniston sums it all up here.

* David Bernstein talks here about the decision and accusations of "activism."

* Jeffrey Rosen here discusses the possible connection between the Court's decision Monday in Arizona and the ACA decisions.

* John Cassidy has this about how conservatives have, in many senses, already won.

* NPR has this interview with Jamal Greene about the Court's decision making process.

* Robert Barnes has this on how the consensus is growing that the Chief has the majority opinion.

* Adam Liptak has this look back at the oral arguments.

* Elizabeth Wydra has this essay about the decision and the Court's legitimacy.

* Ross Douthat has this on the liberal embrace of judicial restraint.

* Nate Silver has this on how the public may not fully grasp the niceties of the Court's decision.

* Michael Shear has this article on the President's potential reactions to a loss.

* Jennifer Rubin has this on what happens if the Court upholds the ACA (and its potential benefit to Republicans on the campaign trail).

* Jake Sherman has this on how Republicans in Congress are likely to respond if some or all of the ACA is invalidated.

* Andrew Koppelman has this post at Balkinization.

And tomorrow, many of us undoubtedly will looking for love in a hopeless place.