Monday, June 25, 2012

Open hand down thread

7:16: The other opinion is Arizona v. United States. Three of the four challenged provisions in SB 1070 are preempted. Section 2(b) of the state law survives.

7:13: Alito is still reading from his dissent.

7:10: Alito is reading from his dissent in Miller and Jackson. When he is done, we will get the next opinion. We are now down to three cases (First American, Alvarez, and Arizona) plus the ACA cases.

7:07: There will be at least one more opinion this morning.

7:04: Court holds that sentencing minor to LWOP violates Eighth Amendment. Opinion by Kagan. Vote is 5-4.

7:02: The order list is down. The Court summarily reversed in American Tradition Partnership, and split 5-4. Should be very interesting dissent. First opinions are Miller and Jackson.

And away we go. The first order of business will be the order list, and perhaps news on American Tradition Partnership v. Bullock.