Sunday, June 24, 2012

The morning papers

There are already a number of articles from tomorrow morning's papers available online, in anticipation that tomorrow will be the day. (Thanks to Howard Bashman at How Appealing for several of these links).

* The New York Times has this story about the building drama.

* Politico has this story on the anticipation.

* The Wall Street Journal has stories here and here.

* Jonathan Adler has this post at Volohkh Conspiracy about some more ACA litigation that is likely to unfold if the Act survives.

* The Washington Post has this story about the waiting game for the lawyers involved, and this story about this (rather difficult) Supreme Court term for the federal government more generally.

* CNN has this story about ongoing preparations for the political implications.

* The Los Angeles Times has this story on the wrapping up of the term.

* And the Washington Times has this story about the spin preparation.

Sleep well, and I will see you tomorrow morning.