Monday, April 25, 2011

The weeks ahead (revised)

With the Supreme Court having now denied review before judgment in Virginia v. Sebelius, here is what now lies ahead over the course of the next seven weeks in the principal cases, in chronological order:

(NOTE: a previous version of this schedule was off by a week in the due date for the United States' reply brief in Florida v. HHS. It also omitted the states' reply brief as cross-appellants in Florida v. HHS.)

* May 4: the plaintiff-appellees' brief is due at the Eleventh Circuit in Florida v. HHS.

* May 10: oral argument before the Fourth Circuit in Richmond, Virginia, in both Virginia v. Sebelius and Liberty University v. Geithner.

* May 11: amicus briefs in support of the plaintiff-appellees are due in Florida v. HHS.

* May 16: the plaintiff-appellants' brief is due at the D.C. Circuit in Seven-Sky v. Holder.

* May 18: the United States' reply brief is due at the Eleventh Circuit in Florida v. HHS (this will also be DOJ's brief on the merits as cross-appellee). 

* May 18: the panel of Sixth Circuit judges hearing Thomas More Law Center v. Obama is scheduled to be announced.

* May 23: amicus briefs in support of the plaintiff-appellants are due in Seven-Sky v. Holder.

* May 25: the plaintiff-appellees' reply brief is due at the Eleventh Circuit in Florida v. HHS.

* June 1: oral argument before the Sixth Circuit in Cincinnati, Ohio, in Thomas More Law Center v. Obama.

* June 8: oral argument before the Eleventh Circuit in Atlanta, Georgia, in Florida v. HHS.

Again, this omits the goings on in some of the lesser cases. But those cases seem increasingly unlikely to matter, at least to the resolution of the principal constitutional questions.