Monday, April 11, 2011

Amicus briefs supporting the U.S. (or supporting neither party)

Here are the eleven amicus curiae briefs available thus far:

* American Association of People with Disabilities et al., available here.

* American Nurses Association et al., available here.

* Constitutional Law Professors, available here.

* Economic Scholars, available here.

* The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, available here.

* The Missouri Attorney General (Chris Koster), available here.

* The National Indian Health Board et al., available here.

* Oregon, California, Iowa, Delaware, New York, Maryland, Connecticut, Hawai'i, Vermont, and the District of Columbia, available here.

* Senator Reid and Representative Pelosi et al., available here.

* State Legislators, available here.

* Professor Kevin Walsh, available here.

The big one not yet posted is that from the Chamber of Commerce. More later.