Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some upcoming deadlines

Two deadlines are approaching in the next five days that are relatively significant--at least in the ACA litigation world:

* This Friday, January 14, the United States' brief (as appellee) is due at the Sixth Circuit in Thomas More Law Center v. Obama. I believe any amicus supporting the federal government are due a week later, on January 21. Again, this is the case currently furthest along in the federal court pipeline.

* On Tuesday, January 18, the appellants' brief is due at the Fourth Circuit in Liberty University v. Geithner. This is the case that is second furthest along in the pipeline (at least if we assume, safely I think, that the Ninth Circuit will only be addressing the justiciability questions in Baldwin v. Sebelius, as these were the only questions addressed there by the district court).

We will post the documents here just as soon as they are filed and docketed on PACER.