Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some commentary

A (relatively) short list of thoughtful commentary on yesterday's decision from the legal academy, in alphabetical order.

* Jonathan Adler (Case Western): here, here, and here.

* Jack Balkin (Yale): here.

* Randy Barnett (Georgetown): here.

* Michael Dorf (Cornell): here.

* Abbe Gluck (Columbia): here.

* Mark Hall (Wake Forest): here.

* Timothy Jost (Washington & Lee): here and here.

* Orin Kerr (George Washington): here and here.

* Andrew Koppelman (Northwestern): here and here.

* Kurt Lash (Illinois): here.

* Jason Mazzone (Brooklyn): here.

* David Orentlicher (Indiana): here.

* Frank Pasquale (Seton Hall): here.

* Ilya Somin (George Mason): here.

* Mark Tushnet (Harvard): here.

If there is something good or important that I have omitted, (a) I apologize, and (b) please let me know.