Saturday, October 2, 2010

A big (first) Monday

The day after tomorrow is the first Monday in October, which means it is the first official day of the Supreme Court's 2010 October Term. At 10:00 a.m. EDT, Justice Elena Kagan will take the bench for the first time. And the Court will comprise three women justices (and no Protestants) for the first time in its history. (Kagan will sit for the first case, which concerns the computation of costs in maintaining a vehicle for purposes of Chapter 13 bankruptcies. But she will leave the bench at 11:00, as she is recused in the second case, which concerns whether certain sentences for carrying a firearm during a drug offense should run consecutively or concurrently.) It should be an interesting Term, though it thus far lacks any true blockbusters, such as Citizens United or McDonald from last year.

More pertinent here, Monday is also the day that the United States and Virginia will be filing their reply briefs, and any participating amici will be filing their briefs in support of either party on their pending motions for summary judgment. We will do our best to get those documents available here as soon as possible. (And if you happen to have a copy of any of those briefs in a PDF format, I would be obliged if you sent a copy to me at