Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another potentially useful site

I should alert readers that I just came across this, the "Health Care Lawsuits" web site, which is being run by an entity entitled It looks as if there is some useful information here, particularly about the myriad non-state-initiated lawsuits around the country.

For what it is worth, the purveyors of this site do not appear to be coming to the subject from a completely unbiased perspective. Here is a snippet about themselves posted on the site: " is a project of the Independent Women's Forum, which is a nonprofit group dedicated to promoting the principles of economic liberty, free markets, and personal responsibility." Take that for what you will.

Of course, who among us is completely unbiased? No doubt, I have surely let my views creep into the coverage here as well, despite my efforts to be as neutral and non-ideological as possible.

Regardless, the site is another resource for keeping up with the ongoing events.