Monday, September 27, 2010

A fall calendar of events

For those of you making travel plans and organizing kids' birthday parties around the ACA litigation, here are the dates to keep in mind for the rest of 2010:

October 4: Party reply briefs and amicus curiae briefs due in Virginia v. Sebelius.

October 14: Likely date on which Judge Vinson issues his decision on the United States's motion to dismiss in Florida v. HHS.

October 18: Hearing on the competing motions to dismiss in Virginia v. Sebelius, 9:00 a.m. in Richmond, Virginia, before Judge Hudson.

November 4: Motions for summary judgment due in Florida v. HHS.

November 17: Rough date on which to expect a ruling in Virginia v. Sebelius on the motions for summary judgment? (If the "rocket docket" expectation is 30 days from argument, this would be the date.)

UPDATE: Judge Hudson stated at the October 18 hearing that he expects to rule on the motions "by the end of the year."

November 23: Memoranda in response to motions for summary judgment due in Florida v. HHS.

December 6: Party reply briefs due in Florida v. HHS.

December 18: Hearing on motions for summary judgment in Florida v. HHS, in Pensacola, Florida, before Judge Vinson.

No word yet on whether DirecTV will offer a special "ACA litigation mix" channel where viewers can tune into commentary on the proceedings from multiple networks simultaneously.