Monday, August 9, 2010

Catching up on the week that was

This is relatively old news by now, but I thought I should cover the highlights from last week (while I was in Chicago on vacation):

* On Monday, of course, Judge Hudson issued his opinion denying the United States's motion to dismiss Virginia's lawsuit. You can find the opinion here.

* On Tuesday, Missouri voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition C, which (like the Virginia Health Care Freedom Act) purports to make it illegal, as a matter of state law, for Missouri citizens to be required to purchase health insurance. Here is coverage from the New York Times.

* On Friday, the 20 states in the Florida lawsuit filed their memorandum opposing the United States's motion to dismiss. You can find their filing here.

* The NPR program Weekend Edition Saturday featured this story on the states' lawsuits.

* The NPR program Weekend Edition Sunday featured this interview with Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

* Over the weekend, several esteemed panelists who have been involved in the ACA litigation (Randy Barnett, Jack Balkin, David Kopel, and Gilian Metzger) discussed the constitutionality of the minimum coverage requirement at a Federalist Society event. An audio recording of the event is available here.